The Right Lawyer Can
Make the Difference

Some Lawyers Are a Better Choice,
But How Do You Know?

Some Lawyers Are a Better Choice, But How Do You Know?

The Right Lawyer Can Make the Difference

Because You Could Be Risking Too Much

Too many people don't have a plan to protect themselves from what happens when things don't go their way.  It seems today that there's more inherernt risks in running a business, raising a family, or even walking down the street than ever before.  At DLG, we guide our clients, their familes, and businesses with the strategic business and estate planning to protect their future and forge a legacy.


Over 20 years of business experience & a dozen years in practice provides you the legal advice you deserve.


Providing both online consultations & a virtual client portal is what we do to make it easier on you.


Strategic legal planning is our way of ensuring clients get the desired results done right the first time.

D L G    U N D E R S T A N D S    T H A T

Lawyers Really Like It Their Way, & Not So Much Your Way

For some time now, Lawyers seem to control so much of the client experience, but should it be that way?  As long as I could remember, it seemed like lawyers have had this expectation that you come to the all-powerful & all-knowing "OZ" (lawyer), and he/she will give you a custom solution, along with a custom price.  You scheduled. filled out complicated forms, & paid fees on the lawyer's terms.  Moreover, you had no idea if you are being closed on a fee that the client that before you paid half as much.

You asked, we delivered with flat-fee menu based prices on practically all of our legal services.  We "firmly" believe that the client experience shoud be dictated by the client, and not the Lawyer.    

D L G    B E L I E V E S    T H A T

Expertise, Experience, & Environment Matters 

Our founder has had over 20 years of practical experience in both business & real estate, as well as over a dozen years in the legal community.  We have help served thousands of clients in business, bankruptcy, real estate, and estate planning.  

Further, the experience of serving as counsel in both the corporate world and bigger law firms propelled us to create a better environment for our clients.  That environment is the perfect mix of technology with online virtual appoinments and an online client portal to secure and store your documents & family.  YES, family that's what we call it because that's what DLG is... a family of people with our own families serving your family & your family's business.

Better Business & Estate Planning 

Bringing even better solutions to our local marketplace is what DLG is about.  Why settle for stodgy old law firms that talk down to you and don't undestand your needs.  Our brands that we represent do the opoosite and even better yet, do it at an affordable price.  

Wills - Trusts - Estates

Believing that "One-Size" does not fit all and that eveyrone doesn't need a trust, our approach is customized to your estate planning needs with a written plan for what's already in your heart.

Asset Protection

Creating the proper strategy to protect you, your family, & your wealth from creditor claims, lawsuits, and those that would rather take advantage of your situation-rather than working for it themselves.

Wealth & Tax Planning

Building the wealth that you have, regardless of the amount iit may be, has taken you up to this point in your life, and now it's our job to ensure we properly plan protection from taxation that we can control.

LLC-Corporation Formation

Working with you to determine what buusiness structure makes the most sense for your business needs will help protect you from potential personal liability and maximize your profitablitly.

Contracts & Documents

Ensuring your company has the right documents & contracts  with employees, contractors, vendors, and clients protects those relationships and most importatntly protects your profits.  

Strategic Consulting

Challenging the status quo of what counsel really looks like for your business, we carry a mentality of business-owners with law degress when providing the guidance to help incrsease your bottom line.

Protection Is Within Reach

We want to make it as easy as possible to help you maintain control for what you want to happen and provide the protection that you deserve.

Work With Us

Customize Your Plan 

 Be Protected 

Clients "Wowed" By DLG

Nick K.

DLG gave me a strategic plan to properly protect my business & those I care about.  I have recommended them to others, and I will continue to do so in the future.

Barbara C.

Working with DLG has helped us take a step back and really evaluate what we wanted.  Matt gave us the plan to help protect us and the control we wanted. 

Gabrielle P.

Matt has been a phenomenal help in my family &  business.  I've been able to have less stress because of the plan he had designed for me.  Working with DLG has been priceless.


T H E   D L G   D I F F E R E N C E

We Help You Protect What Matters Most

Matt Deulley set out to "do the law differently" when he founded the Deulley Law Group LLC (DLG).  Much of this desire began in his undergraduate studies at Indiana Universty, while he also worked to develop his business experience in operations management with UPS, as well as sales with Sprint.  Then, 15 years ago Matt attended Western Michigan University's Thomas M. Cooley Law School furthering his entrepreneurial spirit. 

After becoming licensed in 2008, Matt enjoyed success primarily in private practice, concentrating in business, real estate, & bankruptcy.  In 2014, he closed his private practice to accept a position as Executive General Counsel with McColly Companies, where he also served as Underwriting Counsel for a title company.  There, Matt began to witness the stress that poor estate planning causes everyday families to spend even more money.

In 2018, Matt re-entered private practice by accepting partnership with a local law firm, where he began to develop and implement the theory of doing the law differently.  Understanding that law should be client-centric in a fun & tech-friendly environment, Matt re-opened his own law firm in March of 2020 with: flat-fee menu-based pricing, a secure online client portal, and virtual consultations because that's what families and businessowners deserve.


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